Trauma Prevention

I’m very happy this morning. Imagine “scared straight” and “trauma: life in the ER”. I get to do it every 3 or 4 months.  I had to be at work 2 hours early today to help a local hospital do trauma prevention.  Teenagers in the area who are caught doing drugs, drinking, texting while driving are court mandated to go through this program at the hospital.  This was the 4th time and its always a blast, but it wakes a lot of these teenagers up.

The way it works is we get one of the young looking nurses to let us moulage them.  We place makeup and fake blood and different stuff to make it look like this person has been through hell.  Take this person to the ambulance and await our cue for action.  My partner calls in the report to the hospital, we arrive, take the patient in and just so happens to be when the bad kids are there so let them come in and watch.  The looks on the faces of these kids tell the stories.  Today they had about 6 kids leave the room because they were upset.

This is a very sobering and eye awakening experience for these troubled teens. I don’t know the statistics on how many get hurt or end up back in trouble, but I like to think they are good and these teens learn from it. If not they will be present for their own trauma alert.


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