About this blog

Hi my name is Andrew I’m 27. I am going to give you some information about me and why I created this blog.

I am 27. I work in an ambulance on a 24 on 48 off rotation. I also work at a hospital PRN (as needed) in 3 different units (telemetry, cicu, and ER). I see death and life everyday. One day I know I will be in one of those hospital beds if I don’t change something. My doctor wants me to go to a paleo lifestyle. After much consideration and research I am going to do it. Most people would not have an issue with this, but with my unique jobs and time spent working thus is going to be a very difficult task for me to do. I’m blogging as a personal thing but if you read it and like it feel free to keep coming back for more. I will be posting stories of my trials and tribulations, as well as what is just generally going on in my life. I hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more as these are the untold stories of “paleo in the ambulance”


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